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Book Review: Dark Water by Caro Ramsay

In Dark Water, Scottish author Caro Ramsay had me hooked from the first line. I was immediately drawn into Emily Corbett’s world and could feel her apprehension, which quickly turned to terror as she is hunted down and attacked by an unknown assailant while on her way home from a Hogmanay party on one of Scotland’s remote highland roads.

Next we flip to a scene years later where a body is found hanging from the rafters of a rental property. The man has been killed in a particularly gruesome manner, with a distinctive injury that defies all explanation.

Set in Glasgow, Dark Water takes us into the lives of the cops at Partickhill police station, which is under threat of closure. Each member of the small team has a private agenda, and is working through issues that may or may not affect their cases.

Soon after the discovery of the body hanging from the rafters, more bodies appear, mutilated in the same distinctive way. But it is when aging beauty queen Marita Kennedy’s mentally disabled sister is found similarly attacked and barely clinging to life, that the characters are catapulted onto a roller coaster over which they have no control.

Throughout the narrative, we are given a chilling first-person yet anonymous insight into the point of view of the killer.

Caro has an amazing ability to use setting to create a tense forbidding atmosphere and later, as the story progresses, a clear picture of Glasgow and its surrounds during a freezing cold winter emerges.

A thoroughly recommended read, with twists and turns that will keep you riveted, and an ending you won’t foresee.

Title: Dark Water

Author: Caro Ramsay

ISBN: 9780141044347

Available on Amazon:

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