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News – Festival Of Independent Writers and Publishers

The deadline for the Festival of Independent Writers and
Publishers short story is drawing close so don’t forget to get your entries in
before 30 September.

More news about our featured authors:

A United Nations report that 80% of all chronic diseases are related to diet and lifestyle
led Jane Hanckel to compile a research- and evidence-based book on how
to make healthy choices for our children and the planet. Through her work in
early childhood settings, Jane realised that there was a need for a reliable
resource through which to understand the factors that impact on our children’s
wellbeing.  From her home in NSW, Jane
has created a series of books that call for parents to reconnect with their own
intuition and wisdom to protect their children’s health.

John G Clark is a mechanical engineer and has spent a number of years in various engineering-related
industries. He was also involved with a tourist company carrying young folk
around New Zealand and a Thai restaurant. In his younger days he hitch-hiked
from Melbourne to London. He remains an enthusiastic motorist and an equally
avid motorcyclist, having owned forty or so, none of them terribly fast. His
Tales from Down Under – a collection of Australasian short stories is available
in libraries.

Iris Detenhoff is the author and publisher of the Moontime Diary. She studied general nursing in Munich and
migrated to Australia in 1987. Her strong interest in nature, health, astrology
and anthroposophy has guided her to publishing a yearly almanac as this moon
diary turns out to be.

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Katherine Howell launches Brisbane Sisters in Crime

International best-selling crime writer, Katherine Howell, launched the Brisbane chapter of
Sisters in Crime on Saturday. Held in conjunction with the Brisbane Writers
Festival, and ably hosted by Meg Vann, the occasion was a great success with
members each showcasing a two-minute excerpt from their current manuscripts.
Judging by the response, Queensland crime-writing is set for a major boost as
these emerging writers come on stream.

Find Katherine’s books on Amazon:

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Brisbane Writers Festival 2011 – Richard Fidler meets Cathrine Ann

Richard Fidler is always good value and his interview with Cathrine
Ann at the Brisbane Writers Festival was no exception. Ann has had a chequered
career, from an unfortunate childhood that led her into a life of prostitution
and crime, she has been jailed and was planning to rob a bank as a career move
when she met her husband, Mark, who persuaded her that was perhaps not the
wisest choice. Having suffered from constant hunger as a child, she developed
an eating disorder, but that was the least of her problems as she struggled to
survive in the hate-filled world provided by her abusive mother and alcohol-
and drug-addicted father. Remarkably, Ann has gone on to be an entrepreneur,
piloting a multi-million-dollar company, and she has written a book about her
life. Beautiful Buttons recounts the tale of this journey.

Cathrine Ann’s book, Beautiful Buttons, is available on Amazon:

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Brisbane Writers Festival 2011 – Anita Shreve

Anita Shreve seems to have it all: good looks, brains and
plenty of self-deprecating humour. In her interview this morning at the Brisbane
Writers Festival, she spoke about her books, particularly her latest, Rescue, which
features Webster, a paramedic who meets his future wife when he is called to
rescue her from a car accident in which she’s involved. Anita spoke with
passion about how she builds her characters. She equates this process to seeing
a person walking towards her out of a thick mist. As they emerge from the fog,
so their features become clearer and clearer until she can see them in all
their glory. She also spoke about how one house – the same house – has featured
in four different novels. Speaking candidly about the process of writing and achieving
publication, she reaffirmed for aspiring writers how important it is to believe
in yourself, follow your passion and keep going, even in the face of the many
rejections that come with the territory. The verdict? An inspiring and
informative interview with a thoroughly likeable lady. Thanks, Anita.

Anita’s books are available on Amazon:

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