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The Life Cycle of a Book – a very cool resource

Twitter is an amazing resource and if you haven’t embraced it yet you may be missing out. I found this really useful tweet by Catherine C. Turner (@OzAlleyCat) 04/12/2011 10:00, which had in turn been posted by @SydneyWriters, who had posted it on behalf of someone else … I think you get the picture. But the great thing is that it gives those who are hoping to be published an insight into what is involved. Check out the videos in the link provided: The life cycle of a book – a very cool resource:

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Are You Looking for a Cracking Good Read?

Then look no further than Canadian author Rosemary McCracken’s debut novel, Safe Harbor, due to be released in March or April 2012.  Published by Imajin Books, this crime thriller was shortlisted for the 2010 Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Award. Below is an interview with Rosemary taken from the site:  

(Updated news is that Safe Harbor is now available on Amazon:

and is the sequel, Black Water:

Featured Author: Rosemary McCracken

Today, we introduce you to ROSEMARY McCRACKEN, author of the soon-to-be-published mystery, SAFE HARBOR.

What inspired me to write Safe Harbor?

Safe Harbor will come out soon as a paperback and an ebook. It’s been a long birthing process, and here’s how it came about.

As a journalist, I’ve earned my living by writing, with some time out for editing and teaching. But after years of making sure I had the facts right, I wanted to let my imagination run wild. I wanted to tell stories of my own.

I had two short stories published, then started a novel. A character was murdered in the second chapter, and my writers’ group pointed out that I was writing crime fiction. I was? Yes, I realized I was writing crime fiction, and that’s what I wanted to write.

I needed a central character that could sustain a mystery series. Plot is the backbone of crime fiction, but I believe it really comes down to character. Characters do things for reasons and these reasons form the plot. I wanted my central character to be a woman, a mature woman. I like to read about characters close to my own age, in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and I’m sure other baby boomers do too. And she needed a challenging profession.

I’d recently given up my full-time job at a newspaper and was doing freelance work. Much of it came from trade publications for the financial services industry. My articles involved interviewing financial planners and investment managers. I was impressed by many of them. They were helping clients get their financial houses in order. A light went on in my head. I’d found my central character: Pat Tierney, financial planner, champion of small investors and little guys in general.
Safe Harbor introduces Pat. She’s 47 and single again after her husband’s death four years before. There’s an eligible man on the scene, but she’s not sure she wants to get involved. Or how to get involved. The novel explores some of my favorite themes: romance over age 40, the plight of immigrants and white-collar crime. In 2010, Safe Harbor was a finalist for the Debut Dagger, Britain’s Crime Writers’ Association’s contest for the best unpublished English-language crime novel.

And very soon, Safe Harbor will be available to readers, courtesy of Imajin Books. Just Imajin!

Rosemary McCracken is a Canadian journalist and fiction writer. She hails from Montreal, and now divides her time between Toronto and a stone cottage in Ontario’s Haliburton Highlands. Follow Rosemary on Facebook and Twitter, and check out her website and blog.


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Lucrative New Writing Prize

A great new literary prize has just been announced by Voiceless, the animal protection unit. Aimed at short form writing, stories should involve animals raised for food or found in the Australian environment.

Some years ago I heard Brian Sherman AM interviewed on ABC radio. During the interview, he mentioned that daughter Ondine had become a vegetarian and had now devoted her life to making people aware of the rights of animals as sentient beings.

To find out more about this lucrative prize, go to:

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