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Poky, pokey or pokie?


Have you ever wondered which of these spellings is correct? I checked a number of dictionaries and found this answer: While poky and pokey appear to be largely interchangeable, pokie has an entirely different meaning.

When poky (pokey) is used as an adjective and refers to a place, it means small or cramped: The policeman entered the poky room.

When used to describe a person, it means someone who is moving slowly or pottering or concerned with petty matters: He had a poky view of the world until he began to travel.

When used as a noun, poky can also mean a prison, although the Macquarie dictionary says that the usual spelling for this sense of the word would be pokey and not poky: The drunk man spent a night in the pokey.

Pokie, on the other hand, is a noun, a slang word for a poker machine in Australia: The gambler was addicted to playing the pokies.

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Free ebook download: The Feline Cup by Anne Scott


Anne Scott’s latest creation, The Feline Cup, takes a paw-swipe at some of our most sacred icons.

Four of our favourite pastimes – sport, lust, greed and crime – are included in this satirical book. Take a humorous journey and see yourself though the eyes of Cat Vale’s cats. Join the cats on Feline Park as they compete for The Feline Cup. Follow the spoof of Chief Inspector Claws as he tries to solve the murder of Miss Bella, a sexy pussy with pleasing paws. And join the thieves in Robbery at Rodents-to-Go. Do you see yourself as Lusty Les, Miss Lizzie or Cat Vale’s big football forward, Hercules? Will you partake of the pleasures of Madame Cat at Pussey’s Pamper Parlour? Might you stroll to the local take-away for a meal from Rodents-to-Go? Would you call on the services of Chief Inspector Claws or Magistrate Dick? The choice is yours. Catty Tales – Each is a whimsical, quirky story, light reading for those who want to be distracted.

Feline Cup is available from Amazon

Find out more about the author here.

Go here to read an earlier interview with Anne.

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Short Course: Using social media to support your business


Tuesday 30 April, Park Regis Hotel, North Quay, Brisbane

Join us for a one-day event at the Park Regis Hotel, North Quay that will show you how you can harness the power of social media to support and grow your business.

Both courses are conducted in association with the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE (GCIT). Places strictly limited.

Social networking – the latest marketing tool
Morning session (9am-12 noon)
Social networking has redefined the way we interact with one another. Coupled with the rise of mobile computing, the social media gives you instant access to a wide group of people and enables you to broadcast your experiences and your product to the world.
For businesses, social networking—judiciously used—can help build your brand and assist you in developing a loyal client or customer base. Social networking is not just for big business, of the three million business pages on Facebook, more than 50 percent of them are owned by small businesses.
This course will provide you with insights as to how Australian businesses are using social media and how you can harness social networking tools to build your own business. You will develop the communication skills needed to integrate social media into your marketing and CRM strategies and manage your brand online.

More information:

Blogging for business
Afternoon session (1:30-4:30pm)
More and more people are blogging and many businesses see their corporate blog as an essential business tool. Blogs can serve a number of purposes from internal human resource development to customer relationship management. Importantly, companies are realising that blogging helps define their brand and their market position.
This course assumes no prior knowledge of blogging. Participants will acquire the skills and knowledge to incorporate blogging into their online marketing and HR strategies and to manage a blog using either Blogger or WordPress. You will understand what you need to do to ensure your visibility and learn the basic principles of search engine optimisation so that people can find you.

More information:

Training costs
Single session (3 hours) with refreshments: $140
Combined session (6 hours) plus lunch and bonus session: $250 ***BEST VALUE***

Bonus session
A bonus lunchtime session on the Basics of Internet Marketing will be offered for those who take the combined package.

Registration details and enquiries
Call Gold Coast Institute of TAFE on 07 5581 8300. You can also register online at the website.

A certificate of attendance will be issued to participants.

Instructor: Dr. Mike Clancy
Phone: (07) 5593 3958
Office: Gold Coast, Australia
Company: the Creative Genie
ABN: 73 279 729 004

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Screenwriting Seminar with Todd Farmer

– Want to write a screenplay?
– Want to get up-close-and-personal with a Hollywood heavyweight teaching you the craft of screenwriting and showing you what it takes to construct a jaw-dropping blockbuster and / or cult film?

The Gold Coast Film Festival (GCFF April 18-28 2013) is excited to announce the return of Hollywood screenwriting legend, Todd Farmer, all the way from LA to the Gold Coast to execute an intimate, two-day writing master class as part of the GCFF lineup in 2013. Teaching the ‘tricks of the trade’ that go towards writing a successful Hollywood script, there will also be an allocated session where Farmer will hear all aspiring writers’, individual pitches and provide feedback to participants. The seminar will be held at the Sofitel at Broadbeach, Gold Coast on April 22 – 23 2013 and this exclusive Hollywood offer will be limited to 40 participants only at a cost of $395 (plus GST.)*

Screenwriting is a craft. To become a good screenwriter, one must not only write but study their craft. This once in a lifetime master-apprentice two-day seminar by one of Hollywood’s most talented screenwriters, Todd Farmer, will allow 40 individuals to learn the secrets to his Hollywood success and how to emulate Farmer’s success on the local and international film frontier.

Find out more about this master class at

Over two full days on April 22 – April 23 (9.30am – 5.00pm) Todd Farmer will discuss in detail:
· The difference between US and Australian markets;
· The basics of screenplay writing;
· The first 10 minutes;
· First Act; Second Act; Third Act;
· What doesn’t work;
· Breaking down a scene;
· Creating a hero and a villain;
· Incorporating themes;
· Developing your characters;
· How to write dialog;
· Writing for 3D;
· Gatekeepers to success;
· Writing transmedia elements;
· Advice on how to break in to Hollywood; and
· Pitching.

At the end of the two-day workshop there will be an allocated session where Farmer will hear individual script pitches and provide feedback to participants.

• For more information and to book your spot, visit
• For accommodation deals see
• For Sofitel accommodation deal for participants see

*Please note the cost of $395 (plus GST) does not include accommodation or meals.

The full GCFF program of films and events will be available from early 2013 at

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46th Annual AWGIE Awards!

Entries are now open for the 46th Annual AWGIE Awards! Closing 5pm Friday 3 May for Monte Miller categories, Friday 17 May for all other categories. Grab the entry form and guidelines from the AWG website:

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Gold Coast Writers Workshops

Beach girl cropped copy
Exciting news is that the team who organised the highly successful Gold Coast Writers Festival in 2011 and 2012 is holding a series a masterclasses by Writers for Writers. Included below is information taken from their site:
Our first workshop featuring internationally published author LOUISE CUSACK will be on Saturday 15 June 2013 at St John’s Anglican Church hall, 14 Park Avenue, Burleigh Heads. Free parking is available in the nearby Burleigh Heads Library car park and there is also limited parking available on the street outside the church grounds. We recommend using the library car park.
Topic: From Character to Plot: Hands-on ideas to create page-turning and saleable novels from the character up
Time: 9.15 am to 4.00 pm
Date: Saturday 15 June 2013
Place: St John’s Anglican Church hall, 14 Park Avenue, Burleigh Heads
Cost: $95 which will include light refreshments
Terry at or 0412618088
Kathy at or 0415536546
For more information and to book, go to

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