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The Armoured Train Incident – Out Now!

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A hundred and fifteen years ago today, on 15 November 1899, near the start of the Anglo-Boer War, an armoured train manned by British soldiers and containing a young British journalist named Winston Churchill ground its way towards Chieveley in the misty hinterland of Natal, South Africa. The Boers, those fearsome, brave Afrikaner farmers known for their horsemanship and marksmanship, had proved to be a fearsome and formidable force. So as the train steamed along the track, the soldiers were well aware that the often elusive enemy could strike at any time.

The Armoured Train Incident commemorates this event and pays tribute to the brave men involved, including Alexander James Stewart and Charles Wagner, who both played a part that day.

The Armoured Train Incident is available in print from Amazon as well as other online bookstores, and as an ebook from Kindle, Smashwords and most other ebook retailers, including iBooks and Sony.

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Check Out These Amazon Bestsellers

This is an exciting line-up of books on my to-read list. Check them out and let me know what you think.

The fault in our stars cover

The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

With the release of the movie by the same title, it’s not surprising that this book has reached the bestseller lists. Can’t wait to read it.



Hard Choices cover

Hard Choices – Hillary Rodham Clinton

Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton has had a profound effect on the policies of the USA, using her position as First Lady and wife of President Bill Clinton, and later her status as United States Secretary of State and U.S. Senator.  It should be an absorbing read.



Written in my own hearts blood cover

Written In My Own Heart’s Blood – Diana Gabaldon

This is the eighth in the Outlander series and is set against the turbulent background of North American history from June 1778 onwards.



Mr Mercedes cover

Mr Mercedes – Stephen King

This latest Stephen King novel promises to be just as heart-stopping as his previous reads. Hold on to your seat! It’s bound to be a thrilling ride.




I know why the caged brd sings cover

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angleou (autobiography)

With the sad passing of this renowned poet, I think many of us would like to know more about her inspiring life.




If I Stay cover big

If I Stay – Gayle Foreman

Just listen, Adam says with a voice that sounds like shrapnel. I open my eyes wide now. I sit up as much as I can. And I listen. Stay, he says.



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All for Socks by Adam Vickerstaff

front_coverAll for Socks by Adam Vickerstaff taps into the heart of every child’s fears: what lurks in that dark space beneath the bed? As Thomas lies in bed listening to his mother’s phone conversation with his beloved but estranged father, he sees the last of his socks disappearing under his bed. Knowing that the missing socks will only cause more problems with his mother, he decides to take action. Despite his fear of the unknown, he ventures under the bed, into that deepest, darkest recess of his fears, where a whole world of adventure awaits him. Together with his best friend, Teddy, he sets out to recapture his socks from the Sock Herders and, as it turns out, also save the world from a terrifying fate.

This imaginative and enthralling story is wonderfully illustrated, bringing the creatures in Adam and Thomas’ minds vividly to life.

All for Socks is the first in a series and can be bought from

Amazon UK via Socks

or Amazon USA via

For more information, check out Adam’s web site

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Self-Editing Your Novel is here!

Exciting news is that Self-Editing Your Novel is now available on Amazon! It gives many useful tips on how to self-edit fiction, including how to cut down on word count if your novel is a bit long. Follow the step-by-step guidelines to learn how to eliminate common errors and make your work really shine.

3D in jpeg Your Novel


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Chameleon – suspense, excitement, romance, all rolled into one!


Chameleon was shortlisted for the Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Award in the UK in 2010. Set in Africa, this family saga encompasses all the intrigue and mystery of that sun-drenched continent.

What readers have to say:

Kathy Stewart writes with empathy born of love of the vast and often troubled land of South Africa. Its history from 1914 to post World War II is seen through the lives of an English family struggling to run a general store in an isolated region, and the Africans whose lives are changed by the conflicts raging around them. It is a powerful story of loss, secrets and betrayal, and ultimately the endurance and healing power of love. It’s a darn good story ~ Sandy Curtis, author of six crime novels

Set in the historic background of South Africa, shadowed by the brutality of a war fuelled by racial tension, Chameleon’s characters act out their conflicted twisted lives. The reader is drawn inexorably into the characters’ motivations as the book charges to an unforeseen denouement. This debut book explores complex characters in a raw way. It’s an absorbing read. ~ Anne Herron


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An Inspiring Read

ebook flat cover copy
In Coppin’ the Chemo, Frances Bolton gives us a unique and optimistic view into what it is like to be diagnosed with cancer and how to tackle the long battle that ensues. If you know someone who has recently been diagnosed with this illness, this book will provide them with hope and the tools they will need to fight the battle of their lives.
May is Cancer Council month and a time for us all to reflect on an illness that is likely to directly affect one in four of us during our lifetime. That’s high odds.
Here are some excerpts from Frances’ book:
‘Sitting in the rainforest, my mind lost in cascades, the world was wet … I drew healthy damp oxygen into my lungs, wondering how on earth I could possibly have cancer on such a lovely, perfectly damp day in such a lovely, perfectly damp spot. I thought back to that awful wet and windy day in July, when I was told by a nurse with a deadpan expression that I definitely had IT. It was my daughter who cried, not I. I was overcome by a strange sensation as I put my arm around her. I realised, in my busy life, that now could be my Down Time. I had a family who loved me, so would I not be gently cared for … cushions appearing for my head and stools for my feet, as if by magic? I would be plied with hot tea and cups of soup… But how wrong could I be?’ ‘And so I arrived at Springbrook – in wet muddy weather, where, through the packing boxes and the up-ended sofa, I could see the clouds drifting towards us from the hills and smell the green of the trees. To me, it was the perfect weather and place to recuperate from a hard year. One which had been filled with waiting rooms, crossword puzzles and fellow sufferers.’ ‘To friends and fellow sufferers – including you who know someone close who is or has gone through this – may you have help in your pain and tears. But also do not be afraid to laugh. Laughter is, after all, just some happy cells in your body jiggling up and down doing their aerobics – and who can argue with that? May those little happy cells exercise so cheerfully that they will push those clumped up bad ones right out of existence.’
Coppin the Chemo is available in print from
or as an ebook from

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Chameleon receives another great review!

Kathy’s in-depth description of people, places and events enabled me to live the story, as though I was actually seeing it all. Her plot, well developed, kept me guessing and the twists and turns enticed me to keep reading. The historical events from Africa showed me more about some of the cultural and social differences, and enhanced my journey to another time and place. Well worth the read. ~ Brian Hamilton

Chameleon is available from Amazon:


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