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Publishing: Hints and Tips

Ever wanted to know more about publishing? At the Gold Coast Writers Festival this Friday 26 October 2012, we have a line-up of authors and industry experts who will take you through various aspects from self-publishing landmines and how to avoid them to self-editing with professional manuscript assessor, Louise Cusack.

Anthony Puttee from Book Cover Cafe will speak on Writing for Profit, while Paul Higgs of Palmer Higgs Publishing Services will give us valuable insight into the Digital Evolution. The program of seminars will finish with From Manuscript to Market with Laurel Cohn, a highly experienced editor who has been involved in all aspects of publishing for many years.

For tickets and more information about these authors and presenters, please check out http://www.goldcoastwritersfestival.com.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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The Life Cycle of a Book – a very cool resource

Twitter is an amazing resource and if you haven’t embraced it yet you may be missing out. I found this really useful tweet by Catherine C. Turner (@OzAlleyCat) 04/12/2011 10:00, which had in turn been posted by @SydneyWriters, who had posted it on behalf of someone else … I think you get the picture. But the great thing is that it gives those who are hoping to be published an insight into what is involved. Check out the videos in the link provided: The life cycle of a book – a very cool resource: http://scbwi.blogspot.com/2011/11/life-cycle-of-book-very-cool-resource.html

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Festival of Independent Writers and Publishers – news

Less than a month now to the inaugural Festival of Independent Writers and Publishers to be held at the Robina Community Centre on the Gold Coast on 29 October 2011. Short story competition entries have closed and we have received entries from all over Australia as well as from overseas. We hope you got your entry in on time. Good luck to all the participants. Your entries are with our three independent judges.
Our exciting line-up for the festival is growing with renowned poets Caroline Glen, Duncan Richardson and Frances Bolton taking part in Poets in Paradise chaired by Angelika Heurich. Be sure not to miss it.
If you’re a history buff or simply enjoy a good yarn, the session Bringing History to Life should be right up your street. See our line-up of authors listed below and check out our website: http://www.indieauthorsfestival.com.
Caroline Glen has published six poetry books, the latest being Fraser Island Dingo. For eight years she co-ordinated the Gold Coast Writers’ Poetry Group. In 2004 she was shortlisted for the Newcastle Prize. In 2005 she attended the first Florida Poetry Festival. In the same year she won a scholarship to a poetry seminar in New York. Her work has been published in Australian and American magazines. Currently, she is poetry editor for Federation of Australian Writers Queensland.

Duncan Richardson has published poetry and prose in magazines and books since 1982, including work for children, here and overseas. He has published three poetry books with a fourth due out this year. He is co-editor for the haiku magazine paperwasp and has edited poetry for Scope and stylus. His verse play “The Grammar of Deception” was produced and broadcast by ABC radio in 2008 and he is currently working on a children’s novel set in World War Two.

Frances Bolton is a poet and philosophy major, who loves to use words as an artist would use a brush – whether it be to untangle mysteries of nature, modern living or of the modern mind. Her work has been referred to as containing a seam of dark humour. She lives in Springbrook, where she not only enjoys her creative expression but also her family. Her work is inspired by her individual slant on life, and philosophies flow from her reaction to the present as deeply as from her past. Her background as a long-term educator and cancer survivor add to her present reality of mother, grandmother and of her involvement in the local community.

Pamela Lamb migrated to Australia in 1969 and, after living in Darwin, settled in Ipswich in 1974. She has three children and two grandchildren and lives happily with her black Labrador, Louie. She works at the University of Queensland managing a research centre on the Ipswich campus. Pamela has been writing for twenty years and has been publishing her own novels since 2002. She sells her books at a local market where she has established a loyal readership who can read a great deal faster than she can write!

In another life, Martin Line (MSc, PhD, Otago) taught microbiology at the University of Tasmania. Now retired, he writes for pleasure. His first self-published book, A Diary With a Difference, is a historical fiction set in the borderland of Wales and England in the 17th century, a time when people believed in witchcraft. It was also a time when preaching the faith of Rome was a heinous crime.
Martin is a member of the Historical Novel Society (UK), Gold Coast Writers and ‘Writers in the Ruff’.

Terry Spring’s articles have appeared in national and local papers. Her first book, ‘Rainbows End ‘, was published in 2003, and a second, ‘Twenty-Two Truly Twisted Tales’, in 2006. Some of the short stories from the second book have won prizes and five have been aired on ABC radio. Yet another became a short movie, which she wrote, produced and submitted to the 2007 Sydney Tropfest. Passionate about history, she has written an ebook offering time-saving tips found when researching family trees. Her latest book, ‘Transported’, was launched at the reunion of the descendants of the book’s subject, Dusty Bob, and is based on a true rags-to-riches story – an English convict lad who landed in Sydney Town, Australia in 1825 shortly after settlement.
Owen Clement comes from a mixed ancestry and has lived on four continents. Born in 1928, he grew up in Kharagpur, a railway town in West Bengal. He and his family left India in 1946 and moved to England in March and then onto Canada in October that same year. He and his wife came to Australia in 1959 and apart from four years in Papua/New Guinea they have lived here ever since. Occupations include tailor, warehouseman, retailer, airline agent, photographer and finally owning a small business before retiring.
His seven grandchildren prompted him to write his memoir.

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Nought or Naught?

When should we use ‘naught’ or ‘nought’, and is there
actually a difference? This question came up recently when I posted a story on
a website. Although both words mean zero or nothing, it seems there is a distinction
between the two in British English. ‘Nought’ means zero in the literal sense,
as in ‘When the counting was done, he ended up with nought’. ‘Naught’, on the
other hand, means ‘nothing’ in a more poetic or rhetorical sense, as in ‘All
his efforts came to naught’.  While this distinction is made in British English, in USA English, the spelling ‘naught’
is preferred for both the literal and poetic/rhetorical senses. Both ‘nought’ and ‘naught’ come from Old English words, ‘nowiht’
and ‘nawiht’, respectively, and both words mean ‘nothing’. They are compounds
of ‘no’ (no) and ‘wiht’ (thing). Hope this helps!

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News – Festival Of Independent Writers and Publishers

The deadline for the Festival of Independent Writers and
Publishers short story is drawing close so don’t forget to get your entries in
before 30 September.

More news about our featured authors:

A United Nations report that 80% of all chronic diseases are related to diet and lifestyle
led Jane Hanckel to compile a research- and evidence-based book on how
to make healthy choices for our children and the planet. Through her work in
early childhood settings, Jane realised that there was a need for a reliable
resource through which to understand the factors that impact on our children’s
wellbeing.  From her home in NSW, Jane
has created a series of books that call for parents to reconnect with their own
intuition and wisdom to protect their children’s health.

John G Clark is a mechanical engineer and has spent a number of years in various engineering-related
industries. He was also involved with a tourist company carrying young folk
around New Zealand and a Thai restaurant. In his younger days he hitch-hiked
from Melbourne to London. He remains an enthusiastic motorist and an equally
avid motorcyclist, having owned forty or so, none of them terribly fast. His
Tales from Down Under – a collection of Australasian short stories is available
in libraries.

Iris Detenhoff is the author and publisher of the Moontime Diary. She studied general nursing in Munich and
migrated to Australia in 1987. Her strong interest in nature, health, astrology
and anthroposophy has guided her to publishing a yearly almanac as this moon
diary turns out to be.

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News: Festival of Independent Writers and Publishers

Patt Gregory

As plans for the inaugural Festival of Independent Writers and
Publishers progress, we’re pleased to announce the appearance of Patt Gregory,
author of Woodwork for Women.

Patt says:

I fell totally in love with
wood when I joined an evening woodwork class for women in Bristol, UK in 1984.
In pursuit of my passion I trained full time as a Carpenter/Joiner. I learned everything
from stair casing to roofing and dovetail joints in cabinetmaking.

In 1985 I helped set up a
Women’s Workshop in Bath, UK and began teaching woodwork to unemployed women.

Over the past 13 years I have
been teaching basic furniture making from my home workshop in Mullumbimby NSW.

For more details, check out
our website: http://www.indieauthorsfestival.com.

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FIWP – Festival News

Stephanie Dale

It’s all go with the Festival of Independent Writers and
Publishers to be held on the Gold Coast on 29 October 2011. The program is
coming together nicely, with an exciting array of speakers and interviewers
lined up.

We’re privileged to have on board Stephanie Dale, who
recently won an award in the USA for the best indie-published novel in the
Australia/New Zealand category. Stephanie has made a spectacular success of
marketing her books, and in her session, Going Solo, she’ll impart plenty of
hints and tips to other aspiring indies.

Watch this space for more news on the festival or check out
the website:



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