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Crais by Jaymin Eve – the third in a sizzling series


The third in this fantastic Walker series of paranormal romances, Crais, is out on Amazon now and it is a real cracker. Continuing along the same vein as First World and Spurn, author Jaymin Eve transports us this time to a hot red world where the inhabitants are forced to live underground in order to survive. Abby and her sassy sidekick Lucy have to overcome their disappointment at the betrayal of their respective partners while still trying to find the third of the seven half-Walkers to fulfil their ultimate quest to defeat the dreaded Seventine. The pace is frenetic and the action non-stop. Be prepared for a wild ride full of snappy dialogue and sizzling love scenes. Jaymin Eve is an author to watch.

Buy Crais here:

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Flying with Eagle


I gripped the yoke tightly as the Boeing 737 thundered down the runway on Thursday afternoon. It was a beautiful blue-sky day and as we lifted off I took time out from concentrating on the instruments in front of me to admire the myriad islands littering Moreton Bay off Brisbane’s east coast. Beyond the calm waters of the bay the turquoise expanse of the Coral Sea sparkled, but it was not there we were heading. We were on our way to the Gold Coast for a quick half-hour flight.

I had never in my wildest dreams imagined myself at the controls of a jet airliner but here I was in the second officer’s seat with my hands on the yoke. I would have been worried about my ability to be in charge of such a massive plane had it not been for a few factors: My husband was beside me in the captain’s seat; we had an able instructor, Brian Hamilton, behind us, looking over our shoulders and giving advice; and the plane contained no hapless passengers. We were, in fact, flying his and wife Heather’s brand new Boeing 737 jet aircraft flight simulator situated in a trailer down near Banora Point in New South Wales.

As we banked to fly south over the land, I could make out the features of the topography just south of Brisbane and then gradually more familiar sights came into view. First we saw Mount Tamborine and then later the distinctive buttress of Springbrook in the Gold Coast hinterland. As Second Officer, I took a turn at the controls and made a few unscheduled though not disastrous turns, learning how to give small inputs and then level the yoke again as the massive jet responded to my touch. There was a lot to watch at one time: airspeed, height and keeping the wings level when not turning, but Brian explained it all clearly and I found the experience exhilarating, a real adrenalin rush. But it also gave me a sense of accomplishment for doing a task well. Had there been passengers, I’m sure they would have been relieved that I managed to keep the plane relatively straight and level too.

To the left, we passed over the Nerang River leading down to the high-rises of Surfers’ Paradise and the still waters of the Broadwater. And then, as we began our descent into Coolangatta airport, I handed over control of the yoke to my husband while I looked about at the scenery again. I even spied a flock of white birds winging their way far below us.

Then my husband was lining up with the runway and I had to concentrate again, working the flaps, and reading out our descent rate as we headed inexorably for a touchdown on what looked like a narrow strip of tarmac.

Once out of the second officer’s seat, and perspiring from the excitement, I took some time to take in more of my surroundings. The cockpit of the simulator is remarkably realistic, with instruments, gauges, switches and seats taken from a genuine Boeing 737. If you’ve ever flown in a modern jet, you’ll instantly recognise many of the sounds, from the APU providing power for the aircraft while on the ground to the sound of the jet engines roaring. There is even the sound of the undercarriage being stowed beneath the aircraft and I fancied I could feel the ‘clunk’ as it found its home. There’s also a real sensation of speed as the aircraft accelerates down the runway and lifts off into the air.

When we left the trailer where the flight simulator is housed, I felt as though I had just flown from Brisbane to the Gold Coast on a joy flight, and the feeling was amazing.

The Hamiltons have come up with a novel concept: a mobile flight simulator that can be taken to the client rather than the client come to them. There are a wide range of experiences to be had, from the full deal where you can go through all the intricacies of pre-flight preparation to ones where you can already be in the air, ready to take control and fly into any one of a number of different destinations around the world.

The simulator will suit those who just want to have a fun time doing something they have always found interesting but never imagined they would be able to do, as well as those who are interested in learning all the pre-flight procedure necessary in order to qualify for a commercial licence.

If you’d like to learn more, contact Eagle Flight Simulations, Brian or Heather Hamilton, at
(+61 0)7 5513 1092

If you’ve ever wanted to fly with the Eagle, you’ll have a fun time, regardless of your pre-flight experience.


At Brisbane airport ready for take-off

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Interview with Jaymin Eve, author of Spurn, the second in the Walker series

Jaymin small image copy

Q: What gave you the idea for a Walker series?
A: I have always loved science fiction and fantasy books, but hated getting overwhelmed with all the complicated terms and worlds. Not to mention the long and unmentionable names for everything. I would constantly find myself going back to try to remember who had that name and what world we were on. Some very talented authors have created absolutely incredible worlds, but I wanted to try it from a YA perspective.

For a long time I had this story and the worlds in my head. It would keep me awake at night as I planned them out. My whole aim was to still combine all the wonders of fantasy and creating worlds but without so much of the technicality – for those of us who like lighter reads.

Q: Where did Abby’s character spring from?
A: She was in my head from the start, demanding I tell her story. She thinks it’s pretty interesting, actually. I love her optimistic toughness, her love for her friends and family, her snarkiness and the way she doesn’t take crap from anyone. She’s strong and the perfect person to take on the Seventine. But she’s also not perfect. She will have to grow and learn and change.

Q: Where did Lucy’s character spring from?
A: She started at Abby’s best friend/sidekick. But there is much more to Lucy. She is special in ways no one anticipated and her role will be very important. Let’s just say the girls were drawn together for a reason.

Q: As a mother of young children, how do you find time to write?
A: Ha, ha. Oh, gosh. It is tough. My children are my number one priority (yes, Abby, I’m sorry to say you have to take second place), so at the moment while they are so small I basically squish writing in when they’re asleep. It does make it difficult to try to get my stories out before people want to kill me for the cliffhangers. But so far I’ve managed to precariously balance both worlds. (Don’t ask my husband what he thinks of my time management.)

Q: What is your writing process?
A: I have a basic outline of each book and then an overall plan for the series, but other than that I simply sit down and let my characters tell their story. I write from the start of a book to the finish, even though I know some authors write different chapters at different times (i.e. starting with chapter 8, because it’s clear in their mind). I can’t do that. I have to follow the story along and see the character development.

Q: Which books or series do you think compare best to the Walker saga series?
A: That’s tough. I love many, many books in the YA, adult fantasy and paranormal genre, but I haven’t read many that are like the Walker saga. I like Jennifer Armentrout. Her books have some similarities.

Q: If your series was made into a movie, who would you choose for the starring roles?
A: … Oh, sorry about that. I was daydreaming about actually seeing my worlds in the movies. What a dream that would be. The Walkers would the hardest roles to fill; they are so tall, gorgeous and larger than life. It would take a certain person to capture that arrogance ;). I’ve never thought about who would be in the starring roles. I might do some research and see what I find.

The first in the Walker series, First World, is available on Amazon:

The second in the series, Spurn, is available now:

UL_SPURN_Jaymin Eve_Final

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Cure Yourself of Depression

RAG Crop 2

Do you suffer from depression or do you know someone who does? It’s a debilitating condition that can have devastating consequences for the sufferer as well as those closest to them. Rowley Goonan is a naturopath with many years’ experience treating people for a variety of illnesses. When deep depression afflicted him, he was forced to look beyond the usual set of treatments meted out to find the cure that is so often illusive under conventional treatment.

Depression: BE FREE is an impressive, comprehensive and well-researched body of work. It is well written and packed with great advice for anyone, not only those suffering from deep depression. I learnt an enormous amount as I went through each chapter and found it fascinating to read about the links between certain deficiencies or excesses and many relatively common illnesses.

Discover how eating correctly and following Rowley’s guidelines can change your life for the better. Highly recommended for anyone who would like to improve their health through living and eating better.
Find out more about Depression: BE FREE online at Rowley’s web site:

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Exciting New Competition: Deadline 31 October 2013

boeing 737
Can you write a riveting press release? An exciting new Gold Coast company, Eagle Flight Simulations, is offering $100 cash plus a free 60-minute flight in their brand-new mobile flight simulator to the person who can come up with the best 100-word, 200-word and 500-word press release for their new business.

Task: Write a 100-word, 200-word and 500-word press killer press release for Eagle Simulations
Prize: $100 cash plus a free 60-minute flight in Eagle Simulations brand-new mobile flight simulator
Entry fee: NIL
Deadline: 31 October 2013

Please send your entries as email attachments to

Here is some information about Eagle Simulations for you to base your press release on:

About Us
Eagle Flight Simulations has been born from the passion and dreams of Brian and Heather Hamilton.
Housed in a fully self-contained 6m trailer, the simulator is totally mobile, self-sufficient, and can come to you.
Brian, a Flight Simulator enthusiast, has been “flying” his personal home simulator for the past 5 years, and for one of those years it was set-up within the 5th wheeler he and Heather called home while they travelled around Australia. During that time people were amazed and intrigued by the small-scale simulator fitted in the van. 5 monitors, 2 towers, and various panels of switches brought to life the wonder and exhilaration of flying the world’s best known plane, the 737.
Today marks the fruition of a dream that began 3 years ago. To begin the first mobile 737 flight simulator in Australia. Results from our research, shows it will be only the 2nd one in the world.
Many months of research and planning has seen this dream turn into reality. Time spent sourcing the simulator from a range overseas manufacturers, designing and arranging the construction of the custom-built trailer, developing a business plan, and branding of our business have all been just a part of what is a labour of love, bringing excitement and a sense of satisfaction to this previously retired couple.

The Simulator
The simulator is a fully functional, full-scale replica of a 737 cockpit and is like stepping onto a real flight-deck.
Offering options for individual flights, private parties and Corporate Functions, we can arrange packages from a 30 min individual flight through to, but not limited to full-day bookings for that special family day or corporate event. And the best part is we come to you, so no need to travel.
You can choose to fly from 1000’s of airports world-wide, as well as select aspects such as weather conditions, flying day or night, starting from first switch on, or at the runway ready for take-off. Complete your flight your way.
From a complete novice to experienced pilots our Flight Director can assist you through all aspect of your experience or he can set the simulator to give you a real challenge. If you have a fear of flying, let our staff show you what goes on inside the flight deck and explain what all those bumps and noises are, right from the safety of your own driveway.
All of this and at the best prices in Australia so, come on book now and let us help you enjoy the experience.
All sessions begin with a briefing and your selection of airport, weather conditions etc.
You can choose from 30min, 45min, 60min, or 90min individual flights where you are in total control, or co-pilot with one of your mates and switch roles half way through.
Have a few friends to share the fun with, book a half-day or full-day.
Birthday party, Father’s day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, any reason to gather some friends and have some fun in a new and different way.
Arranging a Corporate Function or event? Want something challenging and rewarding? Why not get us for the day.
We can tailor suit a package for you. The options are almost endless. We can be very flexible

The winner of the competition will win $100 cash plus 1 complementary 60-minute flight in the sim.

Contact details:
Eagle Simulations Pty Ltd
Address: PO Box 305 Banora Point NSW 2486
Ph: 07 55131092
ABN: 73 878 439 230

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Hottest fantasy romance series to hit the ether in months

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00034]
Do you have your copy of First World, the hottest fantasy romance series to hit the ether in recent months? Check out the rave reviews at
A paranormal romance series.
An epic journey.
If the Seventine are released, will anyone survive?
Abigail Swish might not love her life, living in gang-ridden New York in 2035 and training to fight and survive with Compound 23. But she is grateful for a few things, especially her no-filter-between-brain-and-mouth best friend Lucy and her escape each night into a dream world far different from her own.
In fact, sometimes she lives for the fleeting moments she spends at night with the man who fuels every romantic fantasy she’s ever had.
But every morning reality returns. Sometimes she could just cry. But she won’t; she’ll keep on kicking butt instead.
Then without warning, a month before her eighteenth birthday, everything changes. A guardian finds her. He explains, in a strangely familiar accent, that she was stashed on Earth for safekeeping and has been lost to her family ever since.
And it is time to return home. To the First World. A land of unimagined beauty.
Abigail will journey to find the family she’s always hoped for and the soul mate that has been center stage of her dreams.
But in the end will the secrets lurking on First World spell disaster for not only her existence but that of all worlds?
First World is book one in the Walker saga, a seven-book paranormal fantasy series.

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FAWQ Soapbox Writing Competition 2013

Climb onto your soapbox and write a punchy, even opinionated, article on any theme with a word count of between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Entry fee $5. Closing date 30 September 2013.
First prize $150, second prize $50.
Send entries to Convenor, FAWQ Soapbox Article Writing Competition, PO Box 344, Beerwah, Qld 4519.
For more details

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