Book Review: Drive Me to Distraction by Caitlyn Nicholas

Drive me to distraction cover

Going by the racy title (sorry – I couldn’t resist that pun), you would be forgiven for thinking this book was an erotic novel, but one look at the cover should partly dispel that notion. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but having read Fifty Shades of Grey and enjoyed it, I was happy enough to see whether I really would be driven to distraction or simply driven nuts.

If you’re expecting erotica, then this book isn’t for you, but if you’re looking for an exciting read, you won’t be disappointed.

Alex is a female race-car driver who is trying to make the big-time: Formula 1 racing. She has to battle the odds, not the least of which is being a woman in a male-dominated profession. She is gutsy and determined and forced to make difficult decisions when the chance of realising her dream is dangled before her by an unscrupulous blackmailer. Her choices make for interesting reading and the action, twists and turns in the plot will keep you enthralled. Highly recommended if you like romance and a fast-paced read.

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