Book Review: The Tall Man by Chloe Hooper

A friend told me how much she had enjoyed this story and I bought the digital version on her recommendation. I wasn’t disappointed. For those who aren’t familiar with the events, this book details the tragic case involving Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley and Aboriginal man Cameron Doomadgee. After Doomadgee’s arrest by Hurley on Palm Island off Australia’s east coast, he is locked up in the island prison and later found dead. Hurley is deemed to be responsible and ordered to stand trial for Doomadgee’s death. Chloe Hooper captures the sultry and sometimes sordid conditions on Palm Island in vivid detail. Without judgement, Hooper lays down the facts of the case and evokes mental pictures of the personalities involved. I felt myself drawn inexorably into the human tragedy as the story unfolded. I guarantee that you will be moved by this book and that it will make you think. A riveting read.
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