Brisbane Writers Festival 2011 – Richard Fidler meets Cathrine Ann

Richard Fidler is always good value and his interview with Cathrine
Ann at the Brisbane Writers Festival was no exception. Ann has had a chequered
career, from an unfortunate childhood that led her into a life of prostitution
and crime, she has been jailed and was planning to rob a bank as a career move
when she met her husband, Mark, who persuaded her that was perhaps not the
wisest choice. Having suffered from constant hunger as a child, she developed
an eating disorder, but that was the least of her problems as she struggled to
survive in the hate-filled world provided by her abusive mother and alcohol-
and drug-addicted father. Remarkably, Ann has gone on to be an entrepreneur,
piloting a multi-million-dollar company, and she has written a book about her
life. Beautiful Buttons recounts the tale of this journey.

Cathrine Ann’s book, Beautiful Buttons, is available on Amazon:

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