Interview with Jaymin Eve, author of Spurn, the second in the Walker series

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Q: What gave you the idea for a Walker series?
A: I have always loved science fiction and fantasy books, but hated getting overwhelmed with all the complicated terms and worlds. Not to mention the long and unmentionable names for everything. I would constantly find myself going back to try to remember who had that name and what world we were on. Some very talented authors have created absolutely incredible worlds, but I wanted to try it from a YA perspective.

For a long time I had this story and the worlds in my head. It would keep me awake at night as I planned them out. My whole aim was to still combine all the wonders of fantasy and creating worlds but without so much of the technicality – for those of us who like lighter reads.

Q: Where did Abby’s character spring from?
A: She was in my head from the start, demanding I tell her story. She thinks it’s pretty interesting, actually. I love her optimistic toughness, her love for her friends and family, her snarkiness and the way she doesn’t take crap from anyone. She’s strong and the perfect person to take on the Seventine. But she’s also not perfect. She will have to grow and learn and change.

Q: Where did Lucy’s character spring from?
A: She started at Abby’s best friend/sidekick. But there is much more to Lucy. She is special in ways no one anticipated and her role will be very important. Let’s just say the girls were drawn together for a reason.

Q: As a mother of young children, how do you find time to write?
A: Ha, ha. Oh, gosh. It is tough. My children are my number one priority (yes, Abby, I’m sorry to say you have to take second place), so at the moment while they are so small I basically squish writing in when they’re asleep. It does make it difficult to try to get my stories out before people want to kill me for the cliffhangers. But so far I’ve managed to precariously balance both worlds. (Don’t ask my husband what he thinks of my time management.)

Q: What is your writing process?
A: I have a basic outline of each book and then an overall plan for the series, but other than that I simply sit down and let my characters tell their story. I write from the start of a book to the finish, even though I know some authors write different chapters at different times (i.e. starting with chapter 8, because it’s clear in their mind). I can’t do that. I have to follow the story along and see the character development.

Q: Which books or series do you think compare best to the Walker saga series?
A: That’s tough. I love many, many books in the YA, adult fantasy and paranormal genre, but I haven’t read many that are like the Walker saga. I like Jennifer Armentrout. Her books have some similarities.

Q: If your series was made into a movie, who would you choose for the starring roles?
A: … Oh, sorry about that. I was daydreaming about actually seeing my worlds in the movies. What a dream that would be. The Walkers would the hardest roles to fill; they are so tall, gorgeous and larger than life. It would take a certain person to capture that arrogance ;). I’ve never thought about who would be in the starring roles. I might do some research and see what I find.

The first in the Walker series, First World, is available on Amazon:

The second in the series, Spurn, is available now:

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