Manuscript Appraisals

Anyone who is serious about their writing and who wishes to be published should have a manuscript assessment. A professional manuscript evaluation is not the same as asking your family or friends to read your work. For the sake of harmony, to spare your feelings, (and because those close to us often see what we have written through rose-coloured glasses), it is almost impossible for them to be impartial.We might not tell you everything you want to hear, nor agree with everything you have written, but we do tell you

  • what you need to know
  • what you need to work on and
  • what you need to change

to make your manuscript a really compelling work that has more chance of being represented by an agent and/or published.

We provide you with a complete summary of our findings.

We examine the:

  • Presentation and format
  • Writing style
  • Voice and point of view
  • Plot development
  • Character development
  • Dialogue
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Marketability
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling

and we point you in the right direction for your next draft. We ask that you bear in mind that the advice we give is from someone who is distanced from your work, just as a future reader will be, so we see things you cannot.

For submission details for a manuscript appraisal, please go to Submission Guidelines.