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The deadline for the Festival of Independent Writers and
Publishers short story is drawing close so don’t forget to get your entries in
before 30 September.

More news about our featured authors:

A United Nations report that 80% of all chronic diseases are related to diet and lifestyle
led Jane Hanckel to compile a research- and evidence-based book on how
to make healthy choices for our children and the planet. Through her work in
early childhood settings, Jane realised that there was a need for a reliable
resource through which to understand the factors that impact on our children’s
wellbeing.  From her home in NSW, Jane
has created a series of books that call for parents to reconnect with their own
intuition and wisdom to protect their children’s health.

John G Clark is a mechanical engineer and has spent a number of years in various engineering-related
industries. He was also involved with a tourist company carrying young folk
around New Zealand and a Thai restaurant. In his younger days he hitch-hiked
from Melbourne to London. He remains an enthusiastic motorist and an equally
avid motorcyclist, having owned forty or so, none of them terribly fast. His
Tales from Down Under – a collection of Australasian short stories is available
in libraries.

Iris Detenhoff is the author and publisher of the Moontime Diary. She studied general nursing in Munich and
migrated to Australia in 1987. Her strong interest in nature, health, astrology
and anthroposophy has guided her to publishing a yearly almanac as this moon
diary turns out to be.

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