I found Kathy to be fair-minded, constructive, intelligent, honest and willing to listen to my opinion. In turn I was able to see past my own (self-imposed) ego and accept her editing without too many questions. However, if I raised an issue that I believed was fair and appropriate, Kathy listened and accepted my point of view without imposing her own will upon my writing style and content. The changes to my book, via her own suggestions on editing, were of value and added to the integrity of the book. For this she has my thanks.

Stephanie Retchless – author of Are All Banks Bastards?



I would like to refer Kathy Stewart to anyone requiring editing. Kathy worked for me on a large manuscript and I found her conscientious and courteous at all times. It was a pleasure to do business with her. Her work was faultless, and I would not hesitate to use her services in the future.

Mary Groves


Thank you for your helpful and kind comments.

Jennifer Bryant


Thank you for the time and effort you gave me during the year and the opportunity to add to my CV through your Authors’ Ally Anthology competition.

In this life, to make a positive diference to another person’s life is one of the highest levels one can attain. Count yourself in that number.

Robert L Nicol


Congratulations on your milestone: editing and publishing Tales of the Great South East.

Queensland Writers Centre



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